constellations helped guide the lost ones,
contours helped discover new lands,
maps help us discover a new city, or rather- allow us to get lost in a new city!

We collect tickets, passes, postcards and tidbits to revisit the experiences.
The tangible always helped us there-
to trigger memory.

Perhaps that is why we need to get paper maps back.

Classroom design project 2
mentored by Tarun Deep Girdher and about a dozen wonderful people from my batch, GD studio, back home and NID print labs.
Summer, 2016
The project aims at reinventing the concept of maps for the urban Indian traveller. The research directed us to find opportunities in the current travel trend and curate our content (visual and narrative) for the pilot project of Ahmedabad. Attempts are made to exploit the tangible medium.
Local. Tangible. Experience.

“My GPS could help me find the shortest route but can it also help me find the richest?"​​​​​​​
IDENTITY: same place, senses anew
CONTENT: Personalise
TONE OF VOICE: friendly, concise, factual
COLOR: Ahmedabad city palette
SCENARIO PROJECTION: Connecting urban travellers
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