As much as this age of individuality is strengthening us
it is also building a shell around us.

The pressures to conform to society,
    the screens of technology,
       and the layers of conditioning

        they all restrict the fluidity of our emotions

Social media has set universal standards of how we should be experiencing.
Our expression complies to the same guidelines
since we're the consumers
as well as producers on social platforms.

Hence, we're experiencing the world around us ..second hand

Technology is advancing at warp-speed,
our beliefs are adapting,
but human emotions are still

What we really want is to be deeply connected -
to people,
to the World
and to ourselves

in the
p u r e s t
u n a d u l t e r a t e d
s e n s e.

We need to unlearn the conditions we imposed on our emotions
and revisit the time when we weren't building shells around us

Luckily, we don't need to go far back in time to seek that freedom.

All we need
is a lesson from our childhood.
Lessons in art
is an attempt to revive the lost language of art in new light to connect, share and express ourselves better
The project reintroduces drawing from the point of view of a child-
Lessons in art, now retold to the adults

Lessons in art was proposed as a travelling exhibition. Each lesson is translated into an activity which generates active content from the audience during the exhibit. The works, further, become the content for the upcoming exhibitions.
The print collaterals included the promotional teasers, postcards and exhibition guide. The exhibition guide is an introductory booklet that defines the objective of the project through a narrative (....a lesson from our childhood)
The visual schema is a dichotomy- the strict, predictable layout revolted by the crayon.

Original artwork 
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